HBFC – Ramen Chomp Digital Game

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MapleTree Harbourfront Centre GSS – Savour around the clock campaign

Interactive Sound/Pitch Detection Drum Game

The Ramen Chomp Digital Game is part of the “Savour Around the Clock” Campaign at Harbourfront Centre. Infinity Core’s interactive team design, developed and deployed the interactive drum game which collect players data while they whack away at the drum to compete in a leaderboard for the grand prize.

The Objective.

MapleTree Harbourfront Centre Great Singapore Sales (GSS) campaign – “Savour Around the Clock” requires an interactive game that attracts shoppers, fun, loud, interesting, and to gather consumer databases with an integrated giveaway/prize mechanics.

How it works?

With our interactive sound/pitch drum game, we designed and developed a game kiosk that “sips ramen” based on the player’s speed/sound hitting of the drum. So the faster and louder they hit – the more points they have. It’s that simple and it is very very loud (Which attracts a lot of attention.)


To begin, the player simply ‘snaps’ a selfie via the camera on the touchscreen, register their information and drum away to get the high score to redeem their prize.


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