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Smart Interactive RFID Table Display

Our interactive team was commissioned to develop a smart RFID table that showcases custom videos, images and texts when the Rice Jars are moved from their position.

Software Platforms, Games, Hardwares, Sensors, Augmented Reality, Experiential

A woman interacts with the IRRI Smart RFID Table Display
Shh.. Our secret sauce..


For International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), we were given the task to come up with a method to educate their Patrons about the variuos types of Rice available.


Hence, we decided to implement their Rice samples in to Glass Jars, which we integrated with an RFID Set. This meant that Patrons who pick up the Jars will trigger information about the rice inside.


Integration of the RFID sensors and chips with our proprietary software which changes content when the product is being removed from their position. 


The display are programmed to showcase content such as videos, texts, graphics. There is also an idle mode where there is a corporate video playing when there is no interaction of the jars. 

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IRRI Smart RFID Table Display


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