Top 3 Different Gamification Campaigns to draw inspirations

Top 3 Different Gamification Campaigns to draw inspirations

When the word gamification is used, many people start thinking of marketing gamification as some type of loyalty program, but no, it is more than just that.

Gamification is about adding game mechanics into traditionally non-game environments such as websites, online communities, or business’ intranets to increase participation. The end goal of gamification, however, is to engage with consumers, employees and partners in hopes to inspire collaboration, sharing and interaction.

So, How Does Gamification Work?

Gamification works by providing users with proactive directives and feedback through game mechanics and dynamics added to online platforms which lead to the accomplishment of goals and objectives.

But also, Games are really Fun!

So, here are our top three of the gamification campaigns that businesses can draw inspiration from!

  1. Coca-Cola’s Shake It

Coca-Cola has always been one of the brands at the forefront of developing creative and innovative product promotions, so it would be weird to not add them to this list.

Coca-Cola has always been about making their commercials turn the simple act of drinking carbonated sugar water into an unforgettable experience using magical kingdoms, happiness, and polar bears, so when they launched their Shake It campaign in Hong Kong, it lined up with their brand mission. The campaign integrated old media, smartphones and most importantly, gamification.

The campaign got Hong Kong teenagers to download a free branded application fro their phones. During a set television timing that ran in the evening, fans were asked to open the app and shake their phones. This let them win discounts, prizes and vouchers from McDonald’s.

In the end, nine million people saw the ad – 380,000 downloaded the app within the first month, and its success indicated how marketers could finally figure out how to direct their ads at consumers through mobile phones.

Most importantly, the campaign aligned with Coca-Cola’s mission to bring happiness and optimism to the world by creating a campaign that allowed young people to enthusiastically interact with the brand.

  1. Nike + Run Club app

The Nike + Run Club application is a good gamification example of bringing people together through the community. The app allows its users to compete in challenges and stand a chance to win trophies and badges, doing well in engaging its audiences competitive spirit, drawing back to the brand over and over again.

When Nike implemented its gamification marketing campaign, it tapped into the competitive spirit of its audience, signifying they understood their audience’s beliefs and values, creating a personal connection between each user and the brand.

By leveraging on the correct gamification marketing strategy, brands can drive massive engagement for themselves. Brands should take the time to experiment until they find they find the right plan that will suit them.

  1. ColonyTV

The ColonyTV microsite that was created to promote the premiere for a new American science-fiction drama “Colony”. The microsite was designed to be like a game, where users could explore the map, complete play missions, unlock classified intel regarding the show, watch the episode.

The microsite is packed full of not just information about the show, but also engaging, interactive games that will draw consumers in and entice them to continue engaging with the content that they find.

Microsites like this are useful as they don’t need constant updating, and people will spread it through word-of-mouth due to its very nature, ensuring that your brand will be able to continue seeing traffic growth.

Gamification can be injected to just about anything, be it marketing campaigns on only one platform, or campaigns that span multiple platforms. What’s more, when done strategically, gamification can help increase customer engagement, reducing the likelihood of visitors scrolling past content. Conversion rate also increases as visitors are motivated to complete tasks for rewards. Add of the fact that as more visitors interact with the content, brand awareness and brand loyalty can increase.

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