Samsung Galaxy Note10 Event – Memory Game

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Samsung Galaxy Note10 Launch Event 2019 – Plaza Singapura

Interactive Touch Screen Memory Game

Infinity Core developed and deployed an informative interactive touch screen game for the Samsung Galaxy Note10 launch. With a clear objective educating consumers about the Samsung Galaxy Services and their benefits, we tweaked a conventional “memory” game to integrate a fun and educational twist.

The Objective.

Our Interactive team were tasked to develop an interactive game to bring across the Samsung Galaxy Services.  The main idea to evoke and embed brand awareness into the consumers when they visit the Samsung Galaxy Launch Event and have a giveaway for participants.

How it works?

Through our Interactive Memory Game, consumers can learn the 8 key Samsung Galaxy Services and their respective informations via the Samsung Flip – Touch Screen.


Consumers have to simply match the correct cards – Services and Descriptions, while having to memorise the position of each of the logo and descriptions, selecting a wrong pair will not unlock the cards. Upon completion of the game in the time limit of 60 seconds, participating consumers will stand to win exciting freebies from Samsung.

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