Samsung Galaxy Note10 Event – Digital Social Wall

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Samsung Galaxy Note10 Launch Event 2019 – Plaza Singapura

Interactive Digital Social Wall

Infinity Core was commissioned to designed, developed and deploy a 360 interactive social wall experience, that connects users through the use of the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Having fun while allowing consumers to test the capability of the phone and stylus.

The Objective.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has some new special features that were key highlight of the phone. The client wanted to showcase the “fluidity” of the Note10 Stylus and also have a fringe activity that consumers can come together and create an art piece.

How it works?

With our interactive social wall, we connected 32 screens with 16 Samsung Galaxy Note10 phones to create an engaging and meaning “art and social” installation in Plaza Singapura.


3 unique components are developed the Selfie Mode, Digital Coloring, Message Board. Consumers are able to create their own personalised content through the phones and share it onto the Social wall which will loop all content with subtle and interesting animations. With this installation, samsung increased the traffic flow and also brand awareness throughout the event.

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