Heineken 0.0 Social Bar – SGP F1 Grand Prix

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Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix 2018

Official Launch Party of the Heineken 0.0 in Singapore

Our interactive team was given the honor to develop unique interactive experiential installations for Heineken Singapore – Heineken 0.0 Social and Hybrid Bar, the Augmented Reality (AR) Photo-booth and Interactive Projection and Dance Floor in conjunction with SGP F1 night race.

The Objective.

Heineken intended to increase awareness as part of their launch about Heineken 0.0 and also to let customers have fun when they participate in the event. While letting the public know about their 0.0 alcohol beer, which is great for any occasion and time.

How it works?

Infinity Core’s Interactive team deployed an Interactive Experiential Projection and Dance Floor that is specially crafted to invoke the creative and fun mind of the consumer, with the code generated visual (gen-art). The visuals are projection mapped onto the wall and also displayed on the Interactive LED Floor.


And our Augmented Reality 3D Suit Photobooth, which allows users to take a photo with a 3D Heineken Racing Suit, which they can see themselves wearing the suit on the screen. Afterwards, the users photo will be taken via a camera and they can customize their own photos and have it sent to their email.

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