Weiken.com Group of Companies | Fast & Furious Campaign | 2018 | Online

Weiken.com F1 Microsite Game

Infinity Core developed a digital interactive racing microsite game for weiken.com f1 fast and furious campaign.

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Laptop mockup for weiken.com fast and furious game
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To develop a microsite game to engage weiken.com customers via their social media channels. Key objective is to increase social media engagement, likes, shares and traffic to their website.


Our website team developed a racing game that allows the player to control a F1 car. The score will increase as the distance travel by the car increases. 


Players will have to avoid oncoming obstacles and cars, any collision will lead to game over. 


The game comes with a leaderboard that winners could stand to win attractive prizes. Also we embedded our own proprietary security system to prevent hacking and malicious attack. 

Days Campaign
100 +
Likes & Shares
Mockup for weiken.com f1 microsite game


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