e2i | Career Pit Stop Event | 2018 | Online

e2i Career Pit Stop Microsite Game

Infinity Core was commissioned to develop a microsite for e2i's career pit stop event to educate the right attitude during job seeking.

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To develop a microsite game for e2i career pit stop event which educates job seekers on the necessary attitude required for job seeking. 


Our website team developed a microsite game – ‘Play the game and take charge!’ for e2i. The players has to simply tap and drag the good attitude traits into the mouth of the character.


With each good traits consumed, the players gain additional points, if the player consume bad traits they will lose both time and score. Players will be directed to scan a career pit stop QR code, to do a personality quiz.


There is also a leader-board at the end of the game, the top scorers will stand to win attractive prizes. Furthermore, a microsite was developed for job seekers to understand more about e2i schemes.

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Good Traits


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