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About This Project


Carle is Singapore’s first safe and transparent automobile purchasing platform. This interactive site was designed and built by our creative team with the objective to help customers make the best buying decisions. With our team’s experience in key digital visual, interactive content as well as both front and back-end, we were able to create an entirely new way of purchasing an automobile. Combining with the idea of interactivity and customizable content and information, Carle’s website offers customers a new and unique way to purchase cars.

The technologies and installations on-site

A 10-point capacitive touch screen display was installed in Carle’s showroom, displaying their website. While walk-in customers can view the physical cars on-site, interactive Carle’s website comes into play when they need more information on each car. An animated video designed and created by our creative team will educate potential customers on how the online buying process works. Customers will then be able to select the car and information (e.g. Car models, specifications, colors, prices), making the whole buying experience interactive and personalized to each customer. On-site staffs will provide additional assistance when needed.


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